Sunday, October 4, 2015

top three [10.04.2015]

just a few pictures so far (more on instagram!)
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  • I'm going on my fourth year of wearing my Hunter boots, and while you really only need one pair of rainboots (I have the green pair), it isn't going to stop me from dreaming about this new blush-colored pair. Wouldn't they look so pretty in the snow?
  • Has anyone tried the new trouser pants from Old Navy? The camel pair looks especially cute! 
  • This vibrant skirt makes me want to skip right past November and head into the middle of December (Christmas > Thanksgiving). 

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  • Greetings from Greece! We arrived on the beautiful island of Santorini on Wednesday, and haven't stopped taking pictures since. It is absolutely beautiful here! We have gone on hikes, gone swimming (kind of...), and have religiously watched every sunset. It's going to be hard to leave in a few days!
  • As it turns out, Tamara from Hello Framboise, and her husband are also on vacation here, so we met up! She is just as cute as she is on her blog, and even sweeter. They invited me and my family to their rented home to watch the sunset from their perfectly situated deck, and then we went to the most delicious dinner. I love how blogging brings the most interesting people into my life. If you aren't already following her blog and instagram, you should! Not only does she have great style, but she also has the cutest dog (dachshund love brings people together). 
  • Between a month of long days on the L&D floor with little time to cook healthy meals, and now vacation, I feel I've slipped a bit on healthier eating. I'm really looking forward to normal meals and an exercise routine when I get back. Do you have any fun recipes you've tried lately? I'd love to add something new to our chili/chicken/salad routine!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

layering, made easy

DSC09199 Do you guys remember those "layered for you" shirts that were super popular in our middle school/high school days? The ones that had a fake white collar and white sleeves underneath a sweater to make it look like it was layered...but wasn't?

That's what I initially thought of when these new "layered for you" tops came out a few months ago, which made me hesitate at first. Then I saw them on a few people, and kind of loved the simplicity of it. Instead of fake layering a button up under a sweater, I think these are more mixed-media type shirts. I picked up mine at Loft a few weeks ago, and like I've mentioned, I have already worn it a ton of times and have received comments about it every time I've worn it. I think the appeal is that instead of trying to make you believe it's something it's not, these shirts own up to being just two different fabrics. The end result is an effortless "layered" look that doesn't remind you of 2002 ;)
Top: Loft [exact]
Jeans: Madewell [exact style]
Shoes: Converse c/o Shopbop [exact]
Bag: Madewell [save | exact]
Loft has quite a few of these "layered for you" tops currently. I, of course, love the black version - it would look so cute with black pants and bright accessories! 

Still not convinced, and would rather layer your own shirts? Here's my little tip:
via this really old post, when I used to wear blue sweaters over leopard shirts... ;)

Monday, September 28, 2015

september budget

september budget 1

one: Loft blouse (originally $44, on sale for $22)
two: Sole Society purse ($50)
three: Frye flats ($148 + with gift card = $0)
four: J.Crew Factory skirt (originally $78, on sale for $39)
five: J.Crew Factory bow blouse (originally $40, on sale for $20)
six: Old Navy coat (originally $45 + $20 coupon = $25)

September budget: $156

$441 left from August - $156 purchased + $40 sold = $315 left for October

Over the last year, my closet colors have slowly turned into mostly white, grey, black, olive, and cognac, so this month's purchases were no different! I'm super happy with everything I purchased, and love that I can think of a bunch of outfits just by looking at them all together above.

My favorite buy is, of course, the cognac purse - I know it keeps popping in and out of stock, so if you are interested, keep an eye on it. I've been using it every single day! The flats were purchased with a giftcard - my banana republic flats have looked a bit worn and tired after two straight years of wearing them, so it was time to add in another pair to the rotation. These Frye flats have a slight pointed toe, and are very comfortable after only a few minutes of breaking in the leather. I'm also super excited to wear the Old Navy coat I mentioned a few weeks ago - it's in the low 60's in Hamburg, so it is definitely going to get some use when I am there (, since that's where I currently am!). I sized down to a medium to keep it a bit more fitted. 

As always, I like to mention what I added to my closet c/o as a way to stay transparent. This month I was able to pick out a pair of jeans from J.Crew Factory (you can see them here), as well as a pair of Converse from Shopbop

While I have quite a chunk of money left over for October, I don't have a lot of plans for it. I would like to add a few sweaters to my closet, so I'll definitely be on the look out when I'm out and about in NYC. I'd also still like to try this open cardigan from Ann Taylor, if it ever gets a bit cheaper!

Your turn! Feel free to link up below, and as always, please link back to this post so your readers can find other budgeting bloggers :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

top three [09.27.2015]

so happy it's sweater weather again!

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notable sales

  • It was my birthday on Monday - this year's motto is that 28 is pretty great! CR took me to brunch and to pet giraffes on Sunday, and then we had a low key day on Monday. We then celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, so we had a whole week of birthday fun :)
  • I'm so happy that all the TV shows are back again! Any new ones this season worth checking out? Besides Greys, Modern Family, Scandal, and Mindy, I don't have any other shows I regularly watch. 
  • Today's the day I leave for Germany and Greece! I can't wait to see my family, eat all the food I've missed for the past two years, and see the beautiful island of Santorini. Make sure you follow along on instagram and snapchat (fhasselhof)!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

my daily make-up routine

daily make up routine for blonds

While I don't talk about it much, I really love make-up. I'm constantly reading reviews online, and playing around with different products. Over the past few months, I've tried a few new products that have become staples for me, so I wanted to share! Here are the products I use on a daily, not-in-the-hospital, basis. I always want my made-up self to look like me, just better ;)

Let me know if you have any questions (and no judging my bare face!).

Primer: Urban Decay
Foundations: Laura Mercier (medium ivory) + BareMinerals (buttercream)
Concealer: Nars (vanilla) + Sephora brush
Powder: Smashbox (light)+ ItCosmetics brush
Bronzer: Bobbi Brown (natural) + Real Techniques brush
Blush: Urban Decay (fetish) + Real Techniques brush
Eye Cream: Charlette Tilbury (marie antoinette)
Eyeliner: Stila (intense black)
Eyeshadow: Stila + Crown brush via Ipsy
Eyebrows: Anastasia (soft brown) + Sephora brush
Eyelash curler: Shiseido
Mascara: Revlon + Too Faced
Lipstick (not filmed): Nars (roman holiday) or Bobbi Brown (pale mauve)

ps. need a new cute makeup bag? how cute are these dogeared bags? one of each please!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

denim season

If there is one thing I miss from my pre-med school's the jeans. I just really love jeans - they are so much more comfortable, versatile, and in my opinion, flattering than dress pants. So when J.Crew Factory offered to let me try out one of their new pairs, I was super excited because...jeans. 

I've had the miller wash skinny jean for a few weeks now, and I'm a bit in love. I find that they run true to size, and stretch out only slightly throughout the day. I went with the 30 inch inseam (they come in 26, 28, and 30) and the classic medium wash - I love that it can both be worn casually (like I did above for a day brunching and going to the zoo), and more dressed up with a button up and blazer. 

On a different note, if you've had your eye on this sole society bag, act quick. I've watched it pop in and out of stock for the past few days! 
'Thalia' Faux Leather Crossbody Bag
Jeans: c/o J.Crew Factory [exact]
Sweater: Joie c/o Zappos [similar]
Bag: Sole Society [exact | slurge]
Shoes: Sperry [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]
The new J.Crew Factory denim collection has a whole line of different styles, from skinnies to flares. My favorite pair is the slightly distressed black skinny jeans - they have just the right about of distressing. J.Crew Factory is currently offering an extra 35% off (code SALEUPGRADE) if you've had your eye on anything!

Disclosure: while I received the pair of jeans for free, I was not paid for this post. I just really love the jeans :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

top three [09.20.2015]

my madewell shoes aren't available anymore, but this pair from express is similar (and cheaper!)

  • Herpes gestationis, now known as gestational pemphigoid, is an autoimmune reaction that causes tense blisters to form. They usually start around the naval and spread out. As if pregnancy isn't uncomfortable enough on it's own - so I'm told ;)
  • If you are hit by a car, you have a higher chance of dying if you are hit while in England/where they drive on the other side of the road. If you are in America, you are more likely to be hit on your left side, which is where your spleen is. If in England, you may injure your liver. You can live without a spleen, but not without a liver. 
  • Statistically, patients with schizophrenia are more likely born in the winter months. Several hypotheses exist for this correlation, including lack of vitamin D or the increase in viral infections during the winter. 

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notable sales

  • I mentioned that Sole Society/ Chloe look alike purse a few weeks ago, and finally decided to order it. It's SO CUTE in real life. I can't wait to use it this month - it's large enough to hold my camera, it looks like real leather, and is just so darn pretty. It looks like the cognac is sold out, but the black is still available if you've been looking for a new crossbody bag!
  • I met up with two of my three best medical school friends and it was SO NICE to be back together. We had brunch, and then just sat around catching up for several hours. Why can't we all live close together?
  • OB is officially over now, and I'm already looking forward to my next rotation in it in March. Now I have a month of vacation, and I've basically planned out every single day until I start back with pysch in a month. First up: celebrating my birthday tomorrow by spending the day in Pittsburgh :)