Tuesday, June 24, 2014

review: recent ASOS + LOFT purchases

I mentioned that I recently went a little online shopping crazy...and I did. I used the rest of my quarterly budget (close to $400) to put in two huge orders to ASOS and LOFT. Loft was having one of their common 40% off everything sales, so that did cut down the cost of everything considerably. I did this knowing that I would return the majority, if not all of the orders. With free shipping, free returns to ASOS and the opportunity to visit LOFT this weekend for returns, I used this as an opportunity just to try a bunch of things on, knowing it wouldn't cost me anything other than time to put the packages into the mail. Below are a few of the winners, and some near misses...and a few laughably horrible misses too ;)

First up, this dress from Loft. Gosh did I want this dress work out - the fabric is thick, the pattern lines up beautifully around the hidden zipper, and the waist is flattering. The problem is the top part of the dress -it's way too loose around the neck, and then the arm holes cuts off right in the middle of the unfortunate armpit fat :/ I could of course keep it and make it work with blazers and cardigans, and trust me, I was tempted, but I know that I would get much more use out of a dress that fits me slightly better and is more flattering without having to always wear something on top. If this were to come in a v-neck, I would have kept it immediately.

LOFT - Tie Neck Short Sleeve Blouse
I've always like the idea of a light tie neck blouse, especially with my recent obsession with Claire's wardrobe on House of Cards, so I was excited to try on Loft's version since the model looks fantastic in it. Unfortunately, it looked a little sloppy on me with the excessive fabric around the neckline, and slightly capped sleeves. I also had high hopes for their embroidered blouse - the light gauzy fabric would be great for summer and fall, and the pattern is unique without being overwhelming. It was a bit too loose on me, especially on the arms - more peasant-y than I want. I also never know exactly what to do with the tie necklines, so it was an easy decision to pass on this one as well. I also am quickly and decidedly passing on these patterned slouchy pants that you can see peaking out below the neck-tie blouse. I thought maybe they could be a fun pair to own, worn with my navy v-neck tee and cognac sandals, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them, knowing that I'm not cool enough and I wouldn't wear them often.
LOFT - Crochet Trim Pleated Blouse
This pretty blouse, on the other hand, is staying firmly in my closet. I love the color, the light fabric, and the small unique details that aren't overwhelming. I plan on pairing it with my favorite skinny jeans, patterned flats, and a scarf for more casual events or dates, and then with a pencil skirt and my beloved wedges for school.

LOFT - Pale Chambray Softened Shirt
My love for popovers runs deep, so I quickly fell for this soft blue version. The description says it's chambray, but it really is just a soft cotton blouse. I have been trying to think of my current life style, and my life in a year from now when I start clinical rotations when I make my purchase, and I know that this works now and in the future. I initially put it on, and ended up leaving it on for the rest of the day, wearing it with some comfy black shorts and an anchor belt (mine is old from Madewell, but this one is super similar and slightly cheaper).

Moving on to the ASOS order, where I had a lot easier of a time saying no to a majority of the order. Lets all have a good laugh about how this dress looks on me. Too long, too loose, too funny. The baseball tee, while not as hilarious, was something I hoped would fit better than it did, but it was far too long in the waist, and too large in the arms. If you are looking to order something in tall sizing from ASOS, I would suggest you do if you are several inches taller than the 5'9'' I am (even though tall sizes are apparently for women 5'9'' or taller, yet I feel these are too long/big on me).

Just like I've wanted a tie neck blouse, I've wanted a wrap top for a while now. The ASOS obi wrap top seemed promising, but it has wayyyyyyyyyyy too much fabric around the waist. I've been going back and forth on the kimono, as discussed a few days ago, but I generally have a rule that if I'm uncertain for this long of a time, it means I shouldn't keep it. I know that I can find a similar style for less money, so it's definitely something I want to keep an eye out for, but for now, this one is going back.
I ordered this lace top, but the arms were too tight to even photograph. This paneled and crochet top was by far my favorite piece in the order. I don't think it looks that great untucked, but I can really see myself wearing it a lot tucked into jeans or into dress pants. It is on the pricey side, so I plan to play around with it a little bit with various pieces in my closet. I'll have it decided by Friday, when this month's budget will be posted!